Soil Preparation

Drak Agri offers a wide range of primary and secondary soil tillage operations:

Soil Prep Ripping CLG



Owning various Ox-Rippers with modified attachments, Drak Agri is capable of deep ripping, up to depths of 100 centimetres deep and everything in between. Also very popular amongst farmers is the Kevernaland CLG Ripper, which is capable of ripping at depths of around 45 centimetres, which seems to be sufficient for most applications.

Chisel Plough

The chisel plough in question, is once again the Kevernaland CLG ripper, however, through only burying it up to a depth of between 25-28 centimetre’s, an optimal chisel plough operation is achieved.


Using the Konskilde Vibroflex is an ideal secondary till implement. With its effective vibrating action through the soil, when pulled at higher speeds, it shatters most sods and clods, and its heavy duty cage roller behind, ensures an evenly rolled finish.


Drak Agri employs the use of Baldan discs, which are renowned for their exceptional weight. Cutting easily through most moribund matter, the Baldan discs offer an effective means of chopping and turning trash material into the soil, whilst cutting deeper than most discs. The Baldan discs generally achieve a better worked soil profile.

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