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Drak Agri offers both conventional till and no-till planting operations, and will be offering strip till planting as well. Usingstrictly John Deere maize planters, your crop will be planted by the market leaders in planting equipment. Not only can these planters plant maize, but also radish, soya beans, sugar beans, sunflowers and much more. The planters are set up with a 76cm row spacing, which allows for the plants to most effectively utilise moisture and nutrients from the soil, as well as sunlight – more so than the traditional 90cm row spacing. The rows are still wide enough apart, to allow for a small tractor to pass through should it need to, to perform any required spraying or top dressing applications.Having planted maize in a wide variety of conditions and being exposed to most soil types and weather variations, Drak Agri is equipped with the right experience to ensure your crop is planted in the most effective manner, given the various variables concerned.All of our planters have been fitted with Electrolee, Dicky John and John Deere planter monitors. This ensures that the required plant populations are achieved. It also eliminates the risks associated with planting, should there be a blockage or any other problem that would result in skipped rows or the like.

All our planters have recently been upgraded from the original planting units, to precision planting units. This ensures that the best and most consistent spacing is achieved. It also helps to eliminate doubles and skips, and is designed to handle the different variety of seed shapes and sizes. Whatever the variety, shape or size of your seed, Drak Agri is equipped to ensure that it is planted to the most efficient and effective standard possible.

Should you be interested in this service, please feel free to contact us for more information or request a quote. We look forward to hearing from you!

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