Forage Harvesting

Maize Silage
Drak Agri’s silage outfit is made up of a Krone BigX 650, self-propelled forage harvester, at the core of the operation. With a 16.0L V8 Mercedes Actross engine, the BigX delivers its peak performance of 653Hp at a leisurely 1800rpm, allowing Drak Agri to efficiently chop through any crop you can throw at it. Teamed with 5 tractors and trailers, and a further two tractors on the pit/bun. Drak Agri is comfortably able to cut in the vicinity of 25 hectares in a day. However, it is not the efficiency of the forage harvester that will ultimately dictate the capacity of the operation, but the efficiency of the tractors compacting on the pit/bun.

Of utmost importance to Drak Agri, is our management of the various operations. With a skilled and experienced operator at the helm of the Big X, you can rest assured that your crop is being cut as short as possible, at the desired chop length – with the corn cracker set to leave no kernel un-cracked. With an experienced manager at the pits, ensuring the tractors and trailers are moving through with due care, and that the silage is spread, shaped and compacted accordingly.

Hoping to expand its silage operations in the future, Drak Agri prides itself on providing a smooth, effective and efficient service, one that you can rely on to meet your bookings and deadlines, as agreed.

Should you be interested in any of these services, please feel free to contact us for more information or request a quote. We look forward to hearing from you!

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